By Albert Blackwell (August 2020, age 14)

    Colonel (Ret'd) Shawn Anchor scanned the area before him. It didn’t take him long to spot them, the Barbarians known as The Sons of Chaos.

    It was only a month ago when the EMP had gone off over Canada, as well as USA, and parts of Alaska. In only a few days anarchy had taken hold of the country and a few weeks later barbarians, like the sons of Chaos, were going around the country, burning, looting, and murdering as they went.

       Colonel Anchor was at his cottage in Patricia beach when the EMP had went off. Since he had served in the Canadian army the people in the area had made him their leader. As if finding food and trying to survive wasn’t hard enough, now he had defend the area from the Sons of Chaos.

    Luckily the Colonel wasn’t alone in organising a defence. In the area lived a man named James Wiener who was a huge firearms person. Over the years several firearms in Canada were outlawed, but that didn’t stop him from keeping his rifles. When Anchor found out about Wiener’s stash of illegally owned firearms he would have reported it, but there is no government in this scenario, so instead of scolding Wiener was grateful he had them, and as The Sons of Chaos came Wiener agreed to distribute the weapons he had to the people. As an extra benefit chemist named Alfred Fox, who’s main interest was in explosives, was able to make several grenades out of tin cans, as well as a homemade Bazooka.

    Patricia beach was quit defensible itself as there was a bottle neck right at the entrance, and dense forest on both sides and on most of the roads leading to the cottages making flank attacks difficult. At the bottle neck cars were moved into place to stop anyone from getting through, and armed people on both sides.

    Colonel Anchor had his HQ set at a distance so he could watch the battle better while Wiener was at the front.

    The Sons of Chaos began their attack with a large charge spearheaded by a few old trucks. The Sons of Chaos smashed into the car barricades halting their charge while on both sides civilians opened up on them with AR-15s. The Sons of Chaos fought back with firearms they had taken from police they’ve killed, however being in the open and suffering heavy casualties the Sons of Chaos withdrew, but quickly regrouped and charged again. This time they had men move through the forest and had an old snowplow at the head of the charge witch started to push the cars out of the way. However it was destroyed by the custom bazooka. Unfortunately this was only a minor setback for the Sons of Chaos who continued to attack with doubled ferocity and superior numbers and pushed Anchor’s men back.

    As the Sons of Chaos came pouring in, they started to run into ambushes hidden in the forest and the custom mines. The fight continued for an hour like this before the Sons of Chaos started to reach their assailants positions, vicious had to hand combat ensued in which the Sons of Chaos seemed to gain the upper hand.

    Once again Colonel Anchor ordered a retreat to their final line of defence. However the Sons of Chaos were almost spent and were massacred by the booby traps laid by Fox and retreated and were never seen again leaving behind dozens of dead and many weapons.

    Despite their own losses the people led by Colonel Anchor claimed the victory, and Patricia beach was saved.

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