Legal Disclaimer Concerning 3rd Party Intellectual Property

Swords and Space is a webpage designed and maintained by Godfrey Blackwell through services from The “Toy Soldiers” page and some of the blog posts of this site contain references to intellectual property not owned by the owner of this webpage or, and is derivative work, generally considered “fan fiction” with no commercial application. No challenge to the rights of the intellectual property owners is intended. This page is designed as a catch-all legal disclaimer for the entire website where such third party intellectual property is concerned. If you are the owner of any of the IP found on this website questions and concerns should be directed to: and its owners and administrators are not responsible for the content provided through this website. Effort will be made to attach appropriate legal disclaimer to every use of 3rd party IP, but lack of attribution does not imply a challenge to the rights of the IP owner.

Much of the “Toy Soldiers” page is devoted to Warhammer 40,000™ (WH40k) armies for the tabletop game of the same name. Warhammer 40,000 is the intellectual property of Games Workshop. The painted miniatures on that page or elsewhere on this website, except where noted otherwise, were painted by Godfrey Blackwell, using Citadel paints on Games Workshop manufactured miniatures. Those miniatures are copyright Games Workshop, and the following below is applied, and implied even if not specifically attached to each individual photo:

“miniature © Games Workshop 2011. All rights reserved. Used without permission – model painted by Godfrey Blackwell”

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