The Lost World, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The current "bedtime story" at the Blackwell house. One of the classics enjoyed by all our contributors and no doubt influence us to write stories of daring and over-romantic heroism at times. Yes, we've been working on it since March (!) but 2019 has been an especially hectic year.

20 Master Plots, by Ronald B. Tobias. Looking for some help developing a plot for a story idea, Dad has turned to re-read this book which he's found to be one of the more helpful in his collection when it comes to developing plot.

The Final Day, by William R. Fortchen; Audiobook narrated by Bronson Pinchot - Dad's Audible book of the month. This is book three of a series that posits an EMP attack on the United States. A very good "post apocalyptic" style series that seems especially realistic. Once the series is done some reviews will be posted to the site.

Last Updated 9 July 2019.

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