Hereticus, by Dan Abnett (audio book narrated by Toby Longworth). The current "bedtime story" at the Blackwell house ... although its really an audiobook we are listening to while working on Warhammer or artwork for the blog. The Eisenhorn series is considered foundational reading for any fan of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and the series has been excellent so far.

20 Master Plots, by Ronald B. Tobias. Looking for some help developing a plot for a story idea, Dad has turned to re-read this book which he's found to be one of the more helpful in his collection when it comes to developing plot.
Ark Royal, by Christopher G. Nuttall; Audiobook narrated by Ralph Lister- Dad's Audible book of the month. This is book one of a military science fiction series that features a suprise attack on human space by mysterious aliens. The Ark Royal is an "obsolete" ship that unlike modern ships can stand up to the aliens. Kind of British Battlestar Galactica.

Last Updated 9 July 2019.

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