"Quartus" the Miniatures Painter

James Blackwell (age 7) is still mastering writing and drawing, so what you will likely see of the most from him will be painted miniatures at which he excels for his age. At this rate he will be a real master by the time he is 12 -- the recommended age by manufacturers for building and painting these sorts of kits. To start us off, here are a few of his works:

James' first ever miniature, an old-school Warhammer Fantasy Battles wizard. He painted this sometime in 2016 when he was five years old.

This model was painted only a few months later, some time in 2017 when he was six years old; his pride-and-joy, and his best solo-painted miniature to date (Dad only did the chest eagle and cross belt). The figure is an old pewter Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Guard "Praetorian" officer. Great model and Dad will never forgive himself for selling the rest of that army.

This is James' most recent work, completed in December 2018 (at age 7)  a small squad of Dragon Miniatures Soviet VDV (airborne) troopers. This was completed mostly without Dad's help. Dad helped him choose which Citadel shade to use, and did the red "star" and yellow laurels on the berets, plus the anti-aircraft trooper's goggles, and a couple straps, but otherwise this is all James.


Posting Schedule

Starting on Monday, 21 January, we will begin our regular posting schedule. We intend to post three times a week, and what you can expect is:

Mondays - Artwork and Miniatures/Models
Wednesdays - Movie/book/boardgame reviews, commentary, battle reports, and anything else that isn't strictly a new work of fiction or art
Fridays - Short stories, comics, and novel samples

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and see you next week!


The Swords and Space Team

We'd like to introduce our team of contributors with a bit of artwork by Godfrey Blackwell (A.K.A. "Dad"). As always, you can click on the photo for a larger image.

From left to right we have:

James, Age 7 - Teutonophile and model painter
Albert, Age 12 - Historian and comic book artist
Godfrey - Family patriarch, blog administrator, and jack-of-all trades
Anna, Age 11 - Horse lover and writer
Barbara, Age 8 - Fashionista and colourist

Fuller biographies are available at the CONTRIBUTORS tab above.


Relaunch and Reintroduction

Welcome to the re-launch and, hopefully, the re-invigoration of "Swords and Space". We re-present this website as a "family blog" of a father and his children who all enjoy writing, drawing and animating (see the "CONTRIBUTORS" section for more). We're all totally unknown, unpublished, and possibly "unpublishable" by main stream, but we write and create for fun and relaxation and we hope that our readers will get some enjoyment from the sharing. We don't pretend to be great masters of our crafts, but simply, we have taken to heart the advice of J.R.R. Tolkien to write the type of fiction one likes to read.

Why "Swords and Space"? It's a play on the "swords and sorcery" label that we thought fitting since our favourite genres are medieval-themed fantasy fiction or science fiction; and not infrequently a genre-bending combination of the two!

On this site you will find a eclectic mixture of short stories; longer stories; book, film and board game reviews; "battle reports"; artwork; animations; and occasional general musings/ramblings/rantings (usually from Dad/Godfrey).

I hope that you will enjoy this blog and honour us by "following" Swords and Space here on blogger and/or on Facebook, and reading regularly.

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