Not only do we like to write about knights and warriors of far-off places and times, we also like to play with them.

Everyone here started out with small monochromatic plastic soldiers,  G.I. Joe and Star Wars action figures. LEGO is hugely popular among the children. Tabletop gaming is becoming a hobby that all can share with some dabbling in Warhammer ("40,000" and "Age of Sigmar), Blood Bowl, and Star Wars: Legion being the mainstays.

Here are a few pieces from the collections. We'll add to this page occasionally, so if you like what you see, visit often.


Mostly Dad's forte, but here are firstly a few "blasts from the past" that were sold off years ago ...

A unit of Imperial Guard "hardened veterans" with an anti-tank "lascannon"

An Imperial Guard infantry squad with their Chimera armoured personnel carrier

Leman Russ Battle Tank

Basilisk (self-propelled artillery)

Then there's some newer stuff:

Dad's favourite model, Nicodemus Doloroso, Master of the Angels Sorrowful chapter of Space Marines:

The most recent completion by Dad, after many months away from 40K, was one of his all-time favourite and iconic models of the 40K universe, an Imperial Guard Commissar:


Here's where the children have been more engaged. Work by:



Some Orks (or "Orruks" as they are now called) ... Even though only six years old, Quartus did all of the base painting and shading (huzzah for Citadel Shades!). Dad just did the highlights.


These are strictly the domain of Primus and Quartus, with some help from Dad to greater or lesser degrees, usually with highlighting.


Primus' first completed Storm Trooper squad. Primus did the base, shade, and first layer, and dad just finished things off with the final highlight of white.

AT-ST with final highlights done by Dad.

Storm Trooper Unit -- base and layer by Primus, highlights by Dad.


Luke Skywalker, heroic leader of Quartus' Rebel army. Quartus did the base coat and shade of all colours and Dad did the layer and final highlight.

Chewbacca was, thanks to the magic of drybrushing and liquid skill (AKA Citadel shades), was painted almost entirely by Quartus. Dad only did the eyes, ammo cartridges, and highlights on the bowcaster.

Fleet troopers officer, painted as above.

And the completed Fleet Trooper unit:

Some Rebel troopers advancing on an Imperial position.


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