Six Months of Swords and Space

The reinvigorated Swords and Space has been running for just over six months now, after being re-launched on January 15th of this year. We've brought you a piece of artwork every Monday and a new piece of fiction every Friday and we hope you've enjoyed the content. The greatest way you can show your appreciation for our work is to spread the word and share our posts with your friends and family.

For those who have joined us more recently, I wanted to point out some of the works that we are most proud of:

GODFREY ran the two-part short story, CHIMERA (part 1; part 2) in March, a tale of a scarred war veteran who returns home and encounters a nightmare creature he thought was only to be found in the war zones he left. If "steam punk" is more up our alley, he also greatly enjoyed writing BRIGHTEST AFRICA about a group of British adventurers who must prevent a nuclear holocaust -- possibly perpetrated by Marians!

ALBERT has been running two serialized comic series at the same time, the first, a science fiction adventure featuring Tim, a space marine who suffers a terrible wound that gives him the ability to pause time, aptly entitled TIME LIZARD. The second is a high fantasy tale, PROWESS AND LOYALTY.

ANNA has given us two stories featuring the half-inch-tall "Season Folk" and the girl Rose who visits them in the short stories SMALL OF ALL and GARFIELD'S WAR.

BARBARA has delighted viewers with several pieces of beautiful artwork, and is currently running a clever and very funny series about a genetically modified dog with a human brain in D.N.A.

JAMES has proven himself to be the miniatures painter of the group and has turned out a number of very impressive works for a boy his age, including a brief "how to" post demonstrating his technique. Highlights include his recent PzKpfw III, and Katyusha Rocket Battery from the 15mm tabletop game Flames of War, and his Primaris Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000.


We have no intention of letting up and there is lots of more content in the works:

  • Godfrey is currently editing a novella-length fantasy series set in the Kingdom of Brythonland, a realm wracked by civil war in the wake of the sudden unexpected death of its king.
  • Albert has several more chapters of his two comics, as well as a fantasy story entitled GREEN TOOTH'S CONQUEST set in his fantasy world Airrroth. He also has detailed session reports from our Genesys sessions to type up!
  • Anna has a couple short stories on the go and is working on a novella-length work set in the SILVER DESERT.
  • Barbara has many more (frequently hilarious) episodes of D.N.A. coming soon.
  • While James continued to be a voracious painter and modeller, so one can expect to see more works from him and the rest of the family, plus perhaps some long-hinted at but not yet delivered "battle reports" as we all work on Warhammer Fantasy armies.
We hope you will continue to visit. Please leave comments to let us know what your favourite stories have been and what you would like to see more of!

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Mom said...

Have been enjoying everything...looking forward to more great work.
Comment your hard work and perseverance.

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