Relaunch and Reintroduction

Welcome to the re-launch and, hopefully, the re-invigoration of "Swords and Space". We re-present this website as a "family blog" of a father and his children who all enjoy writing, drawing and animating (see the "CONTRIBUTORS"). We're all totally unknown, unpublished, and possibly "unpublishable" by main stream, but we write and create for fun and relaxation and we hope that our readers will get some enjoyment from the sharing. We don't pretend to be great masters of our crafts, but simply, we have taken to heart the advice of J.R.R. Tolkien to write the type of fiction one likes to read.

Why "Swords and Space"? It's a play on the "swords and sorcery" label that we thought fitting since our favourite genres are medieval-themed fantasy fiction or science fiction; and not infrequently a genre-bending combination of the two!

On this site you will find a eclectic mixture of short stories; comics; book, film and board game reviews; "battle reports"; artwork; animations; and occasional general musings/ramblings/rantings (usually from Dad/Godfrey).

I hope that you will enjoy this blog and honour us by "following" Swords and Space here on blogger and/or on Facebook, and reading regularly.

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