By Godfrey Blackwell


Unknown said...

That is excellent! An entire army will be amazing.

Out of curiosilty -- how long does it take to paint one figure?

Darth 'I am your Father Vader

Godfrey Blackwell said...


It depends a bit on the figure how long it takes ... this one was a bit faster, I think something like 3-4 hours.

Rank-and-file foot soldiers I usually do in batches of 5 and that group of 5 can be done in about the same amount of time.

More detailed models like knights with heraldry (like this one: https://www.swordsandspace.com/2020/11/warhammer-fantasy-battles-bretonnian.html) take longer probably more like 5-6 hours. I have not actually timed myself but base this off of how many evenings it takes me (usually working about 1-1.5 hours, but sometimes less). It takes me about a week to do a knight, and 3-4 days for the damsel and for a group of 5 peasants.

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