By Barbara Blackwell (November 2020, age 10)

    It was morning, and Mr. Jhon's wife was having a baby. Jhon had not enough money to buy land, animals, and a dog to run a farm. So Jhon had no choice but to work as a gong farmer.

    Jhon kissed his wife goodbye, took his wagon, and was on his way to work. As soon as Jhon reached the mess of poop there was a cloud of flies. They did not bother him as they feasted on the smelly mess of all messes. 

    "Well, they will leave me alone so I can work in peace," said Jhon.

    But just then a huge lump of poo fell on Jhon's hat and some of his and and the flies came and bothered him the rest of the day. At the end of the day when Jhon came home he saw his wife cooking his favourite underwear and said "I'm sorry dear but there was no money for bacon so I had no choice."

    Jhon loved his wife and would never be cross with her so he ate what was given. But as soon as Jhon went to eat his food, the poo fell of his hat and fell onto his fork.

    "PHA-ugh, yuck!" Jhon said.

    "Oh, dear Jhon," cried his wife.

    "Calm down, it was just poo from my hat," Jhon said.

    For months Jhon persevered in his disgusting job, but finally one came home to tell his wife that he was not going to spend another day being a gong farmer. But when he came home he saw her holding their newborn son. And she told Jhon that a messenger came with a bag of money from the lord for his work as a gong farmer. So Jhon had enough money to buy a farm and they lived happily ever after.


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