Gong Farmers

Starting this Friday, we'll be running another series of stories from a "themed writing challenge". After doing some "heavier" themes like the "#2 Hits The Fan" series, we wanted to go with something a little lighter and maybe a bit comedic. And there's nothing young writers find more hilarious than toilet humour so we settled on stories that involve a "gong farmer".

What is a gong farmer you ask? Here's Wikipedia's definition:

Gong farmer (also gongfermorgongfermourgong-fayergong-fower or gong scourer) was a term that entered use in Tudor England to describe someone who dug out and removed human excrement from privies and cesspits. The word "gong" was used for both a privy and its contents.

I am noticing a pattern involving eschatology ... I suppose it is unavoidable. We got the idea from the wonderful book Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess.

This should set the scene for our dear readers. So brace yourselves for Friday!

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