Blood Bowl (Boardgame Review)

Blood Bowl
Game Designer: Jervis Johnson 
Publisher: Games Workshop
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)
Summary: A fantastic (and fantastical) game of strategy, comedy, and brutality set on the football pitches of the Warhammer fantasy world.

For something a little different, Godfrey did a video review. Click the embedded video below to view:


Unknown said...

Great review!

When we can actually be together again I want to play this game.

The Guys who developed this have a wicked sense of humor -- love it iifans invade the field --lol.

Darth 'I am your father' Vader

Godfrey Blackwell said...


Maybe we can even do a small tournament.

And there is plenty more of that style of humour in the game!

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