Racing Rivals
A story of the chariot races.

By Anna Blackwell (April, 2020 - age 12)

    Cid looked up from the parchment he was reading.

    “Aw man where the hack is he?A hour and a half late?An hour and a half!”he exclaimed.

    “I mean this is serious,” said Perseus who was looking from behind a pillar at the audience.”they are going to start eating each other out there.”

    “Humph, he is probably in bed praying to what ever gods he prays to not to send a thunder bolt to get him while he is laying there.” said Virtius a roman tribune, who was fiddling with his gold plated helmet. "He knows today will be a defeat.”

    “Well you should have done the same roman! Victory is in sight!” Cid said pointing to no where in particular.

    Now we have first showed the competitors waiting for another competitor who appears to be late.But let’s get into greater detail about the three while we what for the other challenger to arrive.

    Cid was a Decurion (commander of ten men) from the Roman auxiliary Unit from Hispania (Spain). His main Goal in the races was to gain Roman citizenship. Another reason was to defeat his all time rival Virtius, a rivalry he is confident to win. Now for the chariot which he rides, drawn by a dark brown horse. His Chariot was black on the bottom half and green on the top half with gold trimming in between. His chariot also bore a green flag and his most prized weapon, a club head mounted on a spear to replace the spear head. On the front Cid had attached the skull of a bull he had defeated. His racing colour was green

    Perseus was a famous greek from Athens,he was very famous for slaying the monster Medusa.In fact to display his achievement,he carried a replica of Mudusa’s head(it was really made of a old mop).He was black,green eyes,he wore a blue toga and a gold hemet with wings on the sides.His chariot was red,with yellow engravings,a splendid black horse with a mane dyed orange proudly pulled his chariot.His main goal in the races is to showoff his heroism.His racing colour was yellow.

    Virtius is a roman tribune who got his promotion during the campaign on Egypt with Caesar Augustus.His main intention at the races was to display Rome’s power and superiority and to defeat his all time rival Cid.He wore his finest war amor and helmet which was gold plated and had to outstretched wings on it.His chariot was glossed in red colour,gold thunder bolts were engraved at the base area of the chariot,another larger thunder bolt was engraved on both sides of the chariot.A two golden lionesses were carved on the chariot,one on each side,right under the two large thunder bolts.Attached to each of the wheels was a jagged spike used for destroying other racers wheels.

    A majestic black stallion nobly drew his chariot. His racing colour was red.

    A commotion came from the stalls. A chariot painted in the colours of dark blue and moss green being pulled by a nut-coloured horse drove towards them. A rider with no helmet, wearing a red, woven garment directed the horse up to them.

    “Whew, our champion Alexander, has come forth! Ha,ha," he said. "Wow, quite an audience huh? Hey, am I to late for Virtius chariot crash?’

    Virtius moved his horse away from Alexander's chariot in disgust.

    “Oh I guess not,” Alexander said moving his chariot into position. Both Cid and Perseus were looking at him.

    “Ok, what did I do?” Alexander asked. ”What?”

    Before any of them could answer,a roman ran up to them.”Oh good,he is here.”he said almost out of breath.”Hurry,the crowd will wait no longer.”

    “Don’t worry Roman, we are all ready.” Alexander said clutching a scabbard which held a crude dagger,he liked to use when his wheels got damaged, because when they did he would jump onto another racer’s chariot. Stab the driver and take the chariot.

    Once the competitors had been positioned correctly,they drove their fine chariots into the arena.Oh the cheers and cries of the crowd,with such voice to make ones ears burst.For all to see the racers in full view,they round around the arena once.And then finally stood still for the caesar(Augustus)to name the competitors.

    After the crowd was silenced,Caesar stood up and being given the parchment in which the names where written he spoke:

    “Alexander from Alexandria.” Hearing his name, Alexander waved and nodded left and right to the crowd also giving them his winning smile. A lady dressed in a light blue tunic tossed him her scarf.

    “Perseus, Athens.” Perseus drew forth the (fake)head of Medusa for all to see once they heard his name. The few people from Greece broke into a loud acclamation.

    “Virtius from Rome” With his name being spoken, Virtius put his right hand on his hip and stood up proudly on his chariot as the roman citizens cheered him as if a hero, the people from Hispania payed no attention.

    “Cid From Hispania.” Cid waved to the crowd and pulled back his left sleeve to reveal his muscles as his name was spoken. The people from Hispania went into a series of hurrays, the roman citizens seemed to ignore him.

    With their names revealed, Caesar Augustus drew forth a white handkerchief; once he dropped it the race would commence.

    Alexander, Perseus, Virtius and Cid readied their horses to gallop at the signal.

    The white handkerchief fell and the horses galloped off,Cid in the lead.

    Now we give record of the race. As we said Cid is in the lead and Virtius is right behind him.

    Alexander ordered his horse to go faster,poor Perseus was lagging behind.Virtius was trying to get closer to Cid to try and break Cid’s wheel with his spikes attached to his own.

    For the next 3 rounds,Cid and Virtius remained to neck to neck.Virtius steered his chariot to the right but missed Cid’s chariot by an inch and ended up behind him.

    “Nice try, Roman but I’m going to win!” Cid shouted.

    “Ha you wish!” Virtius said a trick right up his sleeve.

    “No I know. Victory is in sight!” Cid yelled.

    Virtius ignored Cid’s cry to victory and drove his chariot to the side and continued forward regaining his position beside Cid.

    Cid tried to move out of the way but to his misfortune,as he made a tight turn around the corner.Virtius wheel got to close to his.The spike on Virtius’s wheel jammed into Cid’s wheel and began tearing it up.

    Soon it broke into splinters. Cid’s chariot crashed into a wall.Cid fell out of his chariot,only to have it fall on top of him. The Hispanianian”s watching groaned at the sight.

    Alexander’s tried to steer out of the way of the wreckage but skidded and crashed.Alexander was thrown clear from the crash. He stood up shaking his fists at Virtius who only pointed behind Alexander,who turned around to come face to face with Perseus’s chariot. With no time to get out of the way, Alexander was run start over by the chariot.

    “See you later Cid!”shouted Virtius.The last round was commencing”there was no way I’m going to lose now.”Virtius thought as he neared the finish line.

    But little did he know his wheel was under stress and was beginning to break.Then just before his victory was clear the wheel broke!Virtius was sent flying to the ground only to get his head stuck in the(unbroken)wheel of his chariot.

    The Roman citizens moaned seeing their champion down.

    Meanwhile Perseus smiled seeing his path to victory had been cleared. But his success didn’t last long for he didn’t have time to turn around the wreckage of Virtius’s chariot. So while his horse flew safety over the wreckage Pursues’s chariot didn’t for it caught hold on Virtius’s chariot and Pursues was dumped head first into the sand.

    A sudden hush fell over the ground and then suddenly the arena exploded in a series of hurrah,yay, and many other cheers.The people stood up cheering and shouting.

    Caesar Augustus smiled.” The people are happy and that makes me happy.”he said as the stretcher men came out to carry out the injured racers from the arena.

The End

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Excellent story! I really enjoy Roman period pieces.

Well done!!!!


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