By Anna Blackwell (October 2020, age 13)

    Ok by now I starting to feel that this is a stupid plan. I was walking around in the dark will the rain poured hard outside the dojo.

    I had discussed earlier with Elvis that we would stay over night at the dojo on a rainy night, I picked rainy night because Sensei Yang reported all the incidents were on a rainy night.

    Elvis agreed with my plan to stay overnight and keep watch for any four-armed intruders. We both keep watch over one side of the dojo, each of us was armed with. Dûnhark’15 pistols and one set of night vision goggles.

    And there I was alone, armed and completely chilled to the bones, while Elvis was probably as cool as a cucumber, sipping down his triple espresso, with his Dûnhark-15 at his elbow.

    I walked up and down the silent corridors and forced myself to stay calm. The rain was falling hard outside. I had worked on  several cases that had a slightly similar scenario but non of them every had to do with a four armed murderer.

    I decided to put on my night vision goggles just to be extra safe. Just as I put them on a sudden crash came from the back of the corridor, I spun around drawing my pistol. With the night vision goggles on I could see that a vase had been knocked over and had smashed when it hit the floor.

    I saw some movement but instead of a four-armed killer, it was only a black cat. It walked up to me in curiosity, I slowly put my gun back in its holster, I had no intention of scaring the cat, at least some company is better than no company.

    I extend my hand to pat the cat, who allowed me to rub behind its ears. It looked at me with shinning yellow eyes. I took off my goggles for a minute and placed it beside me.

    I continued stroking the cat until it suddenly hissed and took off running down the corridor. I sighed disappointed, however I wondered why the cat just ran off like that.

    “Oh well.” I thought, moving my hand down to pick up the my night vision when all of the sudden I noticed my goggles were not were I left them. I looked around the floor.

    “Oh come on, I left them right he….” I paused in shock as I looked up off the floor.

    “What kind of chuck wagon..” I fist was flung into my face sending me backwards to the floor.

    I groaned, I think he just knocked a filling loose. I looked up again and nearly screamed as four arms wielding katanas came flying at me.

    I braced for impact as the sword aimed into my chest only to meet hard metal. Even though I was terrified I managed to smile.

    “You’ll know I’m wearing body armour, I’m not a moron.” I said and rolled over and drew my gun and fired. Even without my night vision goggles I could sense that I missed by a mile. A well aimed kick got me to the floor and again along with the scraping of metal, as the swords hit into my back armour.

    I tired getting up but whoever I was fighting wasn’t going to let that happen in a hurry. I but I wasn’t to give too quickly either. I struggled like a wild animal to get free, by mistake I jerked my head back to meet something hard, but whatever it was made my opponent slake on his grip.

    I pushed him off and I stood up only to grasp my head in pain, it hurt really bad now. It caused me dearly for another smash in the face sent me back to the floor. I realised just as I hit the ground that I had dropped my gun. I tried look around but I was firmly locked to the ground, a sudden surge of pain burst at the back of my neck, as a sword cut through my skin.

    I screamed and my right hand grasped something to my surprise, it was my night vision goggles. With out wasting anymore time I put them on and turned around to face my enemy. I awed in horror at my foe who I could see clearly now as a flash of lighting lit the hallway.

    A four-armed man, wearing black and who’s face was covered in a black mask. I hesitated I needed to get my gun but at what cost would it be. I looked at the gun lying on the floor then the four-armed assassin. Then I made a leap to the floor and grabbed my gun.

    And before the assassin could react fast enough I fired. He let a terrifying scream that seemed to echo through the whole dojo. I smiled for a second.

    “Got you.” I thought.

    But I had done more than I thought I did, I had just made him even more angry. He looked straight at me and started swing around his katanas wildly, I back off and fired again but this time he was ready and and moved away in time.

    Then in seconds he leaped into the air and came right down on me. He placed one of his katana near my throat to cut it, I grabbed his arm and struggled to make it let go of the katana, but three other arms kept me pinned.

    “Help!!” I cried.

    And just as everything looked hopeless, something else left out of the shadows and kicked the assassin off me, I gasped for air, the cut at eh back of my neck was still bleeding everything seemed to go a little darker.

    But with my night vision goggles still on I could make out who my rescuer was, Elvis.

    I had never seen Elvis fight the way he did now, gracefully dodging his opponents and giving such quick blows I could hardly catch them. But with the blood loss I didn’t survey the fight well, the one thing I remember clearly was the sound of a gun setting off and the four-armed assassin falling to the floor.

    Everything then fell silent, only the distant sound of the rain outside was heard. Then looking at Elvis, taking off my goggles, asked.

    “What am I…what am I doing wrong..?”

    Elvis smiled and walked up to me. “I think you have to work on your self-defence skills.” He said.

    I groaned as he put a pressure bandage to my neck. 

    “Now just hold that tight and I will…Urk!!” Elvis’s eyes suddenly went big and then he crumpled to the floor. I gasped, a knife had just been thrown into his back.

    I looked down the hall, to see a short silhouette of a person walking toward me. I looked more closely and then released who it was. Thai.

    Her eyes clouded in rage. A crude dagger held in her left hand. She at first ignored me and the murmuring figure of Elvis. She walked up to the four-armed man, and knelt down to touch him. She knelt there for a few seconds before picking up one of the katanas out of one of his limp hands, she got up looked and me and in one screaming battle cry ran out to me holding the katana high in the air.

    But just as it came down to meet its target another weapon stopped it. I looked up and saw who had just stopped the death blow. Sensei Ning.

    “Traitor.” I heard him quietly say.

    I tried to stay wake but I was losing too much and was completely exhausted. I fainted and the last thing I heard was the clashing of weapons.

* * *

    Elvis and I walked down the passageway toward the interrogation room. It had been two days since our midnight encounter and today was interviewing day for Thai Ochita.

    I entered the room, BristleBelly and a few others were already there waiting for us.

    “Good you are here.” BristleBelly said” We are all ready to start.”

    With that BristleBelly opened the for into the interrogation room, me and Elvis followed after him, two others followed us in the rest stayed back to watch.

    Thai was sitting in a chair near table, handcuffed. When we entered she seemed to pay more attention to her restraints than us.

    BristleBelly sat himself in the chair on the other side of the table.

    “Miss. Thai Ochita, am I right?” He asked pulling out her criminal record file.

    “Yes.” She said, her eyes seemed to burn in rage.

    “Alright Miss Thai, is there anything you would like to tell us, like way you tried to commit first degree murder on two police offices?”

    “They killed Hokishe.” She said looking at her handcuffs.

    “Who is Hokishe, many I ask.” BristleBelly asked.

    “The four-armed assassin who tried killed Antantaru Kyōdai.” Elvis explained.

    This time Thai looked up at Elvis this time there was a bitter look on her face.

    “Well, how about you tell us why you wanted us to think Antantaru was a suspect?” I asked.

    “I didn’t want you to find out.” She said.

    “Find out what?” I asked.

    “Find out I was helping Hokishe…” she said.

    “How about you explain to all off us what you and this Hokishe monster guy, were doing.” BristleBelly asked.

    Thia seemed about to protest but instead she hung here head and began. “ I joined the Sacred Rule of Falling Gargoyle the place of the Singlang fighting technique, when I was very young.”

    I noticed one of the fellows who had followed us in cross himself when she mention that name.

    “I had heard Of Sensei Bings betray to our guild, I asked the elders to let me kill Ning so I could prove myself to them. They agreed to let me but they wanted someone to make sure I did the job right, they gave me a guardian, Hokishe”

    “A monster.” I muttered.

    “It took me some time before I finally figured out were Ning was, I found him at the Twin Dragon Dojo. I joined his dojo to discover his weaknesses. But the elders were growing impatient so the next rainy night me and Hokishe decided to strike..”

    “What a moment.” BristleBelly interrupted. “Why did you do it at night when it was raining.”

    “It would be harder for anyone to hear us.” She said.” But every time we tried that darned Ning would awake every time we were close to killing him. It was if he had a guardian of his own. We tried every rainy night until that wretched Antantaru had to turn up one night and ruined everything.” She said furiously.

    “But why didn’t you just kill Sensei Ning when he woke up anyway?” I asked.

    “We wanted to kill him in his sleep, it is the most disgraceful way to die.” She said a sinister grin in her eye.

    I rolled my eyes, in some religions it was disgraceful to die in bed, but I never quite understood that.

    “Is there anything more you want to tell us?” BristleBelly asked.

    “No…” she said and looked away from all of us as if if ashamed.

    “Thank you for telling us.” Elvis said gently.

    “Get away from me!” Thai hissed but I could sense sorrow in her voice.

    The others and I left the room. As we did I walked up to Elvis.

    “So what now?” I asked.

    “Now we go home.” Elvis said.

    I smiled.


    Thai looked around miserably around her jail cell, failure, disgrace and lose was all she could think off.

    That elf would pay for the death of Hokishe, she smiled evilly, and felt the back of her boot heel and pulled out a knife.

    She smiled; she wouldn’t be here for long.

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