By Anna Blackwell (June 2019, age 11)

     In the land of Myths and Legends ,there lived a huge bird called Garuada .In Hindu myths he was the King  of birds ,part eagle and part human.As well as being the bird of life , Garuada was a destroyer, feared by snakes and dragons. Because of his great strength, he was the supreme ruler of the sky.

     All dragons were of this but many were to scared to face Garuada. But there were two dragons who did have the fury to face him these were a lightning dragon named Strike who brought the storms and the crash of his wings brought thunder.And his sister  who was a fire dragon named Scorch who lit the sun every morning and made the deserts dry and forests burn after the stroke of lightning from here brother.Accepted a challenge from Garuada and made a agreement to meet upon the Grey Mountain the next Day.

   Upon that day Scorch did not light the sun making the sky dark so if they lost the land would forever be cloaked in black till the next fire dragon took her place.Strike crashed his wings causing a storm as he prepared to meet his apoinent. When Garuada came Light formed around him.And as he spread out his wings,he let out a soft cry that sounded like a note of music.It was a sign that meant the battle was about to begin .

   Strike attacked first,he let out sparks of lightning at Garuada da who dodged them and through a ball of light at Strike who distroyed it with a lightning stroke. Scorch was perched on a rock casting flames at Garuada but failed .Garuada through a ball of light a her, Scorch unable to dodge it was knocked out. Strike seeing that his sister had fallen launched himself at the bird King.The two fought with such violence the it caused earthquakes to occur. The creatures of the land's only light was Garuada who battled the Lightning dragon at the top of the mountain.The two showed each other no mercy soon the Side of the mountain was splashed in blood.Strike grabbed Garuada's arm and broke it. Garuada shrieked and with his beak bit the dragons neck.Strike pulled him of wailing in pain and shot lightning at him. Garuada's side burned from the bolt .Strike charged at the bird king,teeth barded,claws unsheathed hoping to shred Garuada to bits.But He was ready and grabbed Strikes  head and through it in to the mountain crushing it.Scorch who came to saw the tragic scene shot out at Garuada full of fury and anger and let down a rain of fire .Almost roasting him alive, then with flick of her tail bashed him out of the sky. Garuada through near sure death was spared and he returned to his nest and was barely ever seen again .

   After Scorch re-lit the sun,she carried the limp body of her brother and buried it at the foot of the mountain.Scorch left the mountain to return to her den and continued to light the sun every morning till the end of her days.

                                            THE END

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