By Anna Blackwell (October 2020, age 13)

    Antantaru woke up with a sudden jerk. Thunder rumbled outside the dojo and rain splashed hard on the windows. He felt that something was wrong. Getting up he crept out of the bed chamber, being careful not to wake his fellow pupils.

    As he made his way down the long corridors, he decided that maybe a cup of honeydew tea would calm his nerves. He didn’t know why he felt so anxious that night.

    A flash of lightning came from outside and Antantaru caught a glimpse of something move. Getting on a on guard fighting position Antantaru cautiously moved forward. Something was inside the dojo.

    Suddenly he felt something hit him forcefully in the back, forcing him onto the floor.

    Antantaru rolled over to avoid any other incoming blows. Lighting lit the room for a split second. He caught barely a glimpse of the mysterious foe before a fist hit him in the face. Antantaru touched his mouth; he felt blood on his hand. Whatever he was up against could strike harder and faster than Antantaru had ever encountered.

    “The lights, I have to turn on the lights.” Antantaru said.

    When he got up, fierce hands grabbed his shoulders so fiercely Antantaru gasped for air and he was forced back to the ground.  He hit the floor with a crash. He was sure now he had broken something.

    Another flash of lighting lit up the corridor. Antantaru screamed as he saw four hideous arms wielding katanas come flying at him.



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