Moving Forward into 2020

The season of Easter, after celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ just over a week ago, seems a good time to renew our efforts at keeping Swords and Space running with regular updates and new content like we did in 2019.

Things slowed down for us a bit after the Christmas break from blogging, as several of our writers tried their hands at writing longer stories that have taken a little longe than anticipated to complete. We didn't want to start posting pieces of them without having the whole thing ready.

We've also been giving thought to changing formats somewhat ... a blog isn't the best medium for reading stories, so we are investigating options to shift to an online magazine (PDF) format. While we're working on that we will finish the series started last year such as Prowess and Loyalty and D.N.A..

We're also excited by the concept of unveiling at least two "shared universe" projects where all of our team will contribute stories set in shared settings. We're working on a science fiction setting and a fantasy setting and hope to have the inaugural stories in the worlds ready within the next few months.

In the mean time enjoy the series we are finishing up as well as artwork, concept sketches, battle reports, and musings that we'll continue to put out. And if you're enjoying the blog please consider sharing it with your friends!

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