By Anna Blackwell (December 2018, Age 11)

Up amidst the Twin Sisters the evil ork prince, Gulag, and his army advanced through the rocky pass. Gulag's instinct told him this was where the army was to attack. He looked up in the sky; darkness was falling all around. Positioning his troops, the bloodthirsty ork waited for his victims.

Suddenly a poison dart shot out of the trees. One of the goblins dropped dead, then out of the trees came lizard-like creatures holding javelins, war-axes, and clubs. In their midst stood a tall Claw Beast, a Monitor-like creature, and on its back rode Kamen the fierce lizard-and-man-like creature.

Gulag's troops attacked the scaly beasts, sending blood and flesh everywhere. Gulag rushed through the enemy, smashing and gnashing at them. Soon the weather turned to the orks' side as a blizzard rolled down from the mountains. The lizards could not bear the cold and it was not long before they tried to turn back.

Kamen turned his Claw Beast towards Gulag; the two threw hard blows at one another. Blood gushed out of both of the leaders. Gulag swung his mighty mallet at the head of Kamen, sending his helmet flying. Gulag leapt upon his victim: "Surrender or die!" he cried.

"Never!" croaked Kamen.

The Ork raised his weapon to finish the lizard off, when suddenly a great blast smote him in the face. Gulag fell to the ground groaning and snarling. Kamen lay on the ground coughing and bleeding. Gulag got up to see a young Elven man, his sword blazing with light.

The furious Ork jumped up, screaming and crying, "Elf! Elf! die before me!"

But the Elf was faster and jumped forward, stabbing his opponent in the chest. Gulag made one last screeching wail and dropped dead. The ork troops dropped their weapons and fled. The young elf walked over to the lizard troops.

"Do not be afraid, I am Asa, son of Lanther, King of the Western Elves."

The lizard-like creatures crawled slowly forward to tend to their leader. Kamen was taken back to the temple to heal. Meanwhile the chiefs of the lizard tribes made a peace treaty with the elves, to thank them for saving Kamen and their land.

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