By Barbara Blackwell (December 2018, Age 8

Once there lived a prince,  and soon he would be married but there were many women so that he did not know who to marry. Many were very pretty, some were polite, some were wise, and some were dignified. But one day he caught his eye on a lady -- she wasn’t stubborn or suspicious but very reliable and jolly. One day he went over to talk to her and asked her a few questions.

 His first question was, "How do you do madame?"

 "Very well thank you."

He was doing this to see if she was polite and patient in answering him. Then he asked her “I hope you are in good health madame."

 “Yes I am in good heath,  thank you."

"Very well then," he said. "Madame would you like to be my …”

"Excuse me,  madame,  may we have a moment." oh great -- it was the prince's brother.

The prince  turned around, but before he took another step the ground shook and the glass cracked. All the ladies started running away . He din't know what was going on but then a big claw smashed right  through the wall.  It came coming at the prince but thankfully he jumped out of the way. But then he heard someone scream ...

 "Aaaaaaaahh !"

He couldn't  believe what he saw . It was the lady he'd been speaking to  being pulled out of the window from the beast. He ran and got a bow and arrows,  a dagger,  and spear. Then he ran in front of the monster and said, "Let her go you monster!"

Then he pointed one of his arrows at the monster and shot it right into the monsters eye socket and two others in the knee then he  threw the spear into its heart. Then the beast fell dead.

Then the lady went to him and said, "My hero thank you, brave prince. What is your name,  sir?” 

"Franz.  What's yours ?"




"I am asking you to be my loving wife."

"Of course I will."

So then they both got married and lived happy ever after !!!

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Mom said...

Great story, Barbara. Glad it ended happily.

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