More Twilight Imperium Preparations

Busy month so far ... haven't even got a radio show lined-up because all my usual guests are on vacation, busy with work, or otherwise indisposed. I've gotten a bit of writing done but, as always, haven't lived-up to my goals of writing a bit every night. Pretty much the only thing I've got going for me is looking forward to some time off of my own at the end of the month and the big Twilight Imperium game.

I see lots of people asking on the internet how to get "new to boardgames" friends to play this epic masterpiece? Since everyone partaking in my game at month's end will be new to TI3 and 3/5 "new to boardgames" (beyond the basics like chess and Risk), I'll share what I've done:

  1. I sold it firstly as a "guys night in", an opportunity for a group of us to get together who, due to life commitments, don't get together too often.
  2. I was up-front describing it as an epic/long game, but stressed that the rules are pretty straight-forward. I've described it as Risk in space with economics/trade, diplomacy, politics, research/technology and more complex combat to the friends who are not much into boardgames (they're all familiar with Risk at least).
  3. I started in early June with the preparations, sending out the PDF of the rulebook available on FFG's website, along with a review that I thought was pretty good: http://youtu.be/3qMVB5xp9qc. I myself have read the rulebook three times and nearly have it memorized.
  4. We have a set playing time of 7 hours. Whoever has the most victory points at the end of that time wins.
  5. I opted for a few house rules. I did the little write-up on available races on this blog (http://www.swordsandspace.com/2013/06/the-races-of-twilight-...) and let everyone choose the race that sounded most interesting to them. This helped generate more interest among the players.
  6. I also opted for a pre-set board (see the picture at the top of this post -- three of us have chosen races so those home systems are in the picture), using one I found on boardgamegeek. I set it up, took a photo of it, and asked everyone if they agree. We also did the random assigning of starting positions and the random selection of first turn over email ahead of time (first turn wen to the player with "most life experience" as is done in Settlers of Catan).
  7. My plan is to set everything up the day before the game. That way we can start right away. Food has also been pre-planned with a scheduled break at the half-way point for dinner.

I'm going to post a session report after the game. We're doing it 29 July. Can't wait. It will be everyone's first time.
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