What I'm Reading

At Agincourt by G.A. Henty - I downloaded a whole pile of Henty's books when I learned that you can get them for free for Amazon Kindle, plus Henty's "A Coronet of Horse" is one of my grandfather's all-time favourite novels. Also, in looking at Angelicum Academy's Good Books Programme I noticed they have a lot of Henty books. So I figured I should read more of them before getting my children to read them. As with A Knight of the White Cross, which I finished a while ago, it is great fare for young men. N.B. AVAILABLE FOR FREE IN KINDLE FORMAT.

A Canticle for Leibowitz - refreshing myself on this sci fi classic in preparation for 15 January's inaugural episode of Swords and Space Radio.

Raising Your Children: Vol.2, The Integrity Series - I've owned this book for years without actually reading it. Having decided that it was high time I got way more serious about my spiritual reading, I decided I'd better read this one before more time is wasted (our oldest child is already 5!). Some of the contents, I realise, would have been best read before marriage, but there's also a lot of use. For anyone who's unfamiliar with Integrity Magazine which was published circa 1945-1955 it was a great magazine. The articles, though 60+ years old, are entirely relevant today.

Medieval Warfare: A History, edited by Maurice Keen - more research for the same project. I've only just cracked the spine and read the introductory comments by the editor so far. I bought it based on the Amazon reviews and the table of contents. Contains articles written by various scholars with topics such as "Arms, Armour, and Horses", "Mercenaries", "War and the Non-Combattant in the Middle Ages" and covers the various phases of medieval warfare. These are the sorts of things I want to study in more detail to get medieval style warfare right and ensure that I've disabused myself of any influence things like Dungeons and Dragons and bad fantasy fiction may have had on me.

Last Updated 7 January 2013.
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