I was born 28 January, 1980 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I attended St. Charles Academy and St. Paul's High School. My love of drawing and writing started at an early age and I was known to spend lots of time drawing detailed pictures and stories at school. Comics and models became another passion growing up. Although I've yet to make a professional sale (and admittedly I haven't submitted a whole lot), I've been featured in a number of amateur publications, most notably Dargonzine, of which I was a member for most of my university years.

In 2001 I received a B.A. in Arts, majoring in History from the University of Manitoba. I went on to complete an LL.B. in 2004, also from the University of Manitoba.

I served as an infantry officer in the Canadian Forces Militia (Reserve) as a member of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles from January 1999 to November 2001. After university I worked as a Crown Attorney (prosecutor) for the Manitoba Department of Justice before moving to Kitchener, Ontario in 2008 where I opened a private criminal practice as a defence lawyer. Writing has been a casual hobby throughout these years.

In 2005 I married and now have four children. Our present home is Kitchener, Ontario. In 2004 or thereabouts I started the Collegium Scriptorum Catholicae, a writing group for Catholic authors. Although not specifically planned as a science fictions/fantasy group, almost all of the current members prefer this field. We're currently working on producing an anthogy of short stories which, it is hoped, will be on the market in 2012. I also write at the blog Durendal.

Please feel free to email me at
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