I'm Back, Aliens, and Getting Back into Writing

2015 has been a weird year so far, with some serious ups-and-downs, and very little writing. Unfortunately very little interest in writing, even, but after a good recharge of the batteries back in my homeland (Manitoba) and I'm starting to get back into it. I was encouraged to see 4 new likes to the Facebook page despite my absence, too!

First, some complaining: man, I really wish Ridley Scott would stop making science fiction films. I will never be able to say enough about how awful Prometheus was and he's going back to the trough for Prometheus 2 (A.K.A. "Alien: Paradise Lost"). And then he's preparing to poop all over the all-time classic Blade Runner with a sequel also.

Blomkamp's contribution to the Alien franchise which, oddly, is anticipated to come out the same year (2017) as Prometheus 2, has some potential. I liked District 9 and I think the visual style from that will work well with Alien. Apparently it is to be the sequel "that should have been" to Aliens. I respectfully disagree with those who think Aliens is the best of the franchise (can't beat the original IMO), nor do I think Alien 3 was that bad (although 4/Resurrection was embarassingly bad). So I'm going to hold-fire on that for now.

For my own writing, "space vampires" have been on my mind, and I've been reading more of Fr. Montague Summers' works. My plan is to get writing soon, and I want to write two short stories in two different styles and I'm hoping readers will help me out by voting on which they prefer. Then I'm going to run with the preferred concept/theme.

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