Virtual Walk-Through of 17th Century London

A little history today for a change of pace -- I was sent the above by a family member and found its depiction of 17th century London fascinating. This video was created by six students from De Montfort University. Due to the Great Fire of London in 1666, most of the buildings are conjectural, but the streets are based off of period maps and primary sources like diary entries describing the buildings including details like tavern signs.

I do love the Tudor style buildings, however the video gives it a rather dark/depressing feel I thought. I'm not sure that it would have been that bad in reality -- I've been the Shrewsbury which has a large area dating back to the 15th century (we stayed in a hotel that was a 15th century house -- albeit renovated) and it featured the narrow alleyways and overhanging stories but did not have a dreary or dark feel at all. I felt rather at home in that setting -- it somehow felt more human than modern cities.

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