This will be a day long remembered

Ok, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer out today. So far so good -- I like everything I see in this teaser. Glad to see that they'll be bringing in remnants of the Empire as the bad guys. Storm Troopers with slightly changed armour to reflect the passage of time gets a thumbs-up from me. Tie Fighters vs. the Millennium Falcon in an atmospheric battle? Definitely cool.

Above all, this trailer makes it look like Abrams has nailed the "maculate reality"/lived-in universe feel of the original trilogy. This teaser has that gritty and real feel to it. 

As I've said on Swords and Space Radio, though, I will assassinate J.J. Abrams if he sneaks in a gratuitous bikini scene like he did with Star Trek into Darkness. Although I must unfortunately concede that there would be precedent for such trash with Return of the Jedi and Princess Leia's infamous slave costume.

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