Bits and Pieces 7

 Wow, it's been a long time since I did one of these, and apologies for the continuing sluggishness of posting here at Swords and Space. But at least we are staying faithfully to our radio schedule and speaking of which ...

  1. The next episode of Swords and Space Radio is tomorrow, 9 September at 9pm Eastern as usual. We were going to do another episode of classics with recurring guest Marc Ratusz, but due to illness on his part we've had to switch things up last-minute and instead Jason Frazier and Matthew Zepf will be returning for a sequel to our show on Alien:

    Swords and Space XXV: The Alien Series Revisited 09/09 by The AMDG Radio Network | Film Podcasts
  2. This is a bit old and I posted it on Facebook some time ago, but wanted to share it here also; the ship pictured at the top of this post is the "IXS Enterprise", an interstellar ship conceptualized by NASA physicist Harold White. Looks fantastic. Usually realistic ships look hideous but this one's a beauty and I'm trusting by who its creator is that it is, indeed, realistic.
  3. I read a fascinating article on the blog "This can't be happening!" last week that gave a very different perspective on the whole Ukraine/Russia situation that's going on right now. Here's a little thought experiment that is suggested in the article:
    Imagine for a moment that Mexico’s elected government was just recently overthrown by a violent putsch, financed for the sake of argument by some $5 billion in Russian money funneled to pro-Russian Mexican activists in the country. Suppose too that the new pro-Russian government installed by the putschists then began a military campaign against the pro-US Mexicans living in the 50-mile-wide strip of Mexico just south of the US border (I don’t know if there are any pro-US Mexicans living there, but let’s at least pretend there are). Now imagine that the Mexican military began indiscriminately shelling and bombing towns like Juarez, Tijuana and Encinada -- places filled not just with pro-American Mexicans, but with many Americans who have vacation homes or who manage maquiladora factories across the border from the US. Imagine that several thousand Americans in those areas had already been killed by the Mexican military’s attacks.
    Well, that basically describes what happened in the Mexican-American War. I have no dog in this fight so this shouldn't be taken as some sort of apologia for Russia, but it does give a different perspective. As with most modern wars, there really is no "good guy" in this one.

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