Very unusual for southern Ontario, we've had several cloudless, low humidity days in a row that have yielded exceptionally clear nights for stargazing. Fortunately I live far enough out of town that when my neighbours cooperate and have all their lights off (which they have -- another rare thing), so I've had some great stargazing this weekend!

I just puttered around Friday looking at random things and trying to figure out for myself what they are. Yesterday I "took the plunge" and invested in an iPhone app to assist and decided on "Pocket Universe". I definitely can't complain about my first use.

Last night, while testing out our new tent in the back yard, I was awakened by my two oldest at 12:30 a.m. asking if it was finally dark enough to use the telescope. I'd been unconscious since about 8:30 but they were too excited to sleep. So, I hauled out our telescope and activate Pocket Universe and we had a gander. Found Saturn and I was stunned to be able to clearly see Saturn with its rings! It was stunning. It was all pure white through my telescope so I couldn't make out any other detail, but being able to see saturn's rings around it was sure something.

Below is not my picture, but is pretty close to what it looked like through my 6.3 mm eyepiece (perhaps a little blurrier). Using the 20 mm lense I was able to get a small, sharper, and brighter image. Very cool stuff. Maybe I'll get into stellar photography next. Anything other than actual writing apparently!

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