Swords and Space Episode XXI: V for Vendetta and The Legacy of Heorot

Last night my dad and I wrapped another episode of Swords and Space Radio, with my good friend Stephen Heiner joining us as guest and referee as the two Wansbutters duked it out over the film V for Vendetta. I hate it, my dad loves it, listen to what we had to say here:

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It was an interesting discussion -- I hope to follow-up on a few things that came up during the show that we didn't have time to discuss or that I didn't have time to respond to (such as my father's claim that the French Revolution happened because the monarchy of Louis XVI was a tyrant).

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Sophia's Favorite said...

Louis XVI was no more a tyrant than Nicholas II. Louis XV and Nicholas' father, Alexander III, were tyrants, and their good-natured, indecisive, incompetent sons suffered for their sins, along with their families. Actually Alexander III was just a heavy-handed autocrat; it's questionable that he ruled for his own sake rather than the common good, however ill-advised his methods of seeking that good (the definition of a tyrant is that he uses his rank for his own good, not that of the people). But Louis XV, who used the banquet in honor of his (15-year-old) son's betrothal, as a venue to present a prostitute to the court, as his official mistress, without anyone being able to make a scene over it? Yeah, he was a tyrant. (Louis XVI almost certainly didn't have any mistresses—he definitely didn't have a publicly-acknowledged "favorite", unlike his father and grandfather, who'd each had several. For the first few decades of his life Louis XVI was anatomically incapable of sex, it took a surgery to fix his extreme phimosis.)

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