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Well, we've managed to stick faithfully to the new one-per-month-without -fail format for Swords and Space radio mentioned in the New Years/Reboot post. So we've covered off four episodes so far, with our coverage of the new Robocop being our first discussion of a new movie. But 2014 is shaping up to be a dandy for new science fiction.

It's true that there's nothing coming to get me quite as excited as Prometheus did, but on the other hand that means there's nothing that will so bitterly disappoint me as Prometheus did. There is quite a bit that has at least sufficiently piqued my interest that I'm going to go see it in the cinema, though, and I haven't wanted to see this many new movies in years. Here are four that I intend to see and then discuss on Swords and Space (keep in mind that I didn't bother to see anything in the theatre between Serenity and Star Trek and have averaged 1 per year since, so that shows you how good this year appears to me):

Godzilla - As a young boy I remember watching the 1984 Return of Godzilla and having a bit of a soft spot for the giant monster destroying city films ever since. The most recent American Godzilla film of 1998 was so forgettable I can't remember anything about it other than that I had no ongoing interest in any further Godzilla films ... until I saw the trailer for this one. (16 May release)

Edge of Tomorrow - Lots of people like to rag on Tom Cruise, but I don't think I've seen a film of his (certainly in the sci fi genre) that I disliked. Contrary to the reviews I thought Oblivion was more than passable (though no masterpiece) and the trailer for this one has certainly piqued my interest. (6 June release)

Jupiter Ascending - never even heard of this until I stumbled across the trailer and I immediately sat up and took notice. Looks like some fun space fantasy -- my "co-favourite" sub-genre along with sci-fi horror in the vein of Alien and Event Horizon. (18 July release)

Guardians of the Galaxy - As caretaker of my good friend Stephen Heiner's massive comic collection while he's seeking fame and fortune in France, I've been inaugurated to Guardians of the Galaxy which is a fun series and, again, basically space fantasy. Lots of whacky stuff and space battled. Also lots of comedy. Looks like it will be hilarious with good action from the trailer. I have to pre-emptively dock a start from it for my review for casting Zoe Saldana as Gamora. Just not working for me. (1 August release)

We'll be discussing Godzilla and Edge in June, and Jupiter/Guardians in the August episode.

You can find/download all of the past Swords and Space Radio episodes here: http://amdgradio.com/category/swords-and-space/

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