A Warhammer 40K Toy Soldier Part 2

Well, I neglected to take pictures while I was in the process of painting, so you only get a shot of the finished product of the miniature I posted last week.

We had to write a little story of 100+ words to go with the miniature, who is supposed to be representative of the regiment we use in our tabletop games. So here is this guy's story:

Jan Drewnowski (drev’nov’skee) is trooper in second squad, first platoon, A Company of the 1st Battalion, Emperor's Own Sorgrecian Rifles currently seconded to the Persequi Astro Ultio Crusade. Jan (or “Janko” as the is more commonly known) was one of the volunteers taken in the Great Crusade Raising of 904.M41.

While many members of the E.O.S.R. come from Valkava Hive, owing to its immense population, a disproportionate number (per capita) hail from outlying rural areas. The inhabitants of these regions are hardy frontier woodsmen sent out to re-claim and re-settle the slightly less devastated regions of Sorgrece V. Janko is the third son of one such family. He grew up in the boreal forests south of the Eastern Wastes on tales of how his great-great-grandfather had allegedly killed a Khorne Berserker with just his woodcutting axe.

When the “living saint” Lord Inquisitor Soulis sounded the call for volunteers offworld on Janko’s 16th birthday (surely a sign from the Emperor), the lad rushed to volunteer. Inured to the rigours of pioneer life, he quickly and comfortably adapted to the Krieg-inspired training regimen aboard the warp-borne ship. After years of drilling, he's been awarded his full private rank and awaits his baptism in battle with grim devotion as the crusade fleet nears its destination ...

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