Tonight: Swords and Space Episode XIX

Tonight at 9 pm Eastern, we're back in action again on Swords and Space Radio with a discussion of The Matrix and the various themes and allegory, as well as the all-time classic sci fi novel Dune.

Swords and Space XIX: The Matrix (film) and Dune (novel) 02/04 by The AMDG Radio Network | 

I don't expect we'll have time to discuss any of the film adaptations of Dune and will confine ourselves to the novel. I know that my father, who is a huge Dune fan, hated the  1984 David Lynch film. I personally think that the film has certain charms, although it is by no means a masterpiece. The rococo decor and "noir-baroque" atmosphere/scenery/costumes I thought lent itself well to the story and was visually pleasing. I thought that the casting of all the secondary characters was quite well done.

Like the novel, I enjoyed the story much more up to the fall of House Atreides than that which followed. But on the whole, while holding a certain charm, I think it ultimately collapsed under its own weight.


Anonymous said...

Just listened to your Swords & Space broadcast on the reboot of Robocop and the Dresden novels.

You had not yet determined your book review so I would like to suggest the Bartimaeus books. It is, similar to the Dresden novels, an alternate reality but seems to be more contained than the Dresden novels and is completed in a trilogy (with one extra book at the end).

I enjoy listening to your perspective on books and film.

Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter said...

Thanks for listening, and for the suggestion. Sorry I hadn't read this post before planning that most recent two episodes, but I'm going to add Bartimaeus to our novel discussion for the August show.

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