Tonight: Swords and Space Episode XIX

Tonight at 9 pm Eastern, we're back in action again on Swords and Space Radio with a discussion of The Matrix and the various themes and allegory, as well as the all-time classic sci fi novel Dune.

Swords and Space XIX: The Matrix (film) and Dune (novel) 02/04 by The AMDG Radio Network | 

I don't expect we'll have time to discuss any of the film adaptations of Dune and will confine ourselves to the novel. I know that my father, who is a huge Dune fan, hated the  1984 David Lynch film. I personally think that the film has certain charms, although it is by no means a masterpiece. The rococo decor and "noir-baroque" atmosphere/scenery/costumes I thought lent itself well to the story and was visually pleasing. I thought that the casting of all the secondary characters was quite well done.

Like the novel, I enjoyed the story much more up to the fall of House Atreides than that which followed. But on the whole, while holding a certain charm, I think it ultimately collapsed under its own weight.
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