Swords and Space XVIII Followup

In yesterday's show, during the "Event Horizon" segment, we talked about some upcoming sci fi/fantasy films that we're looking forward to. I mentioned the Governator's return to film in "The Legend of Conan" which is supposed to be out sometime this year. Apparently they're even talking a new trilogy starring the original Conan, but I'll be happy with a one-off. Check out this article: http://screenrant.com/new-conan-trilogy-starring-arnold-schwarzenegger/

We also mentioned  Edge of Tomorrow due out in June. Here's the trailer:

... and here's the scene from Galaxy Quest that I referenced when saying what I thought about the idea of the romance between Elf maiden Tauriel and Dwarf Fili, that Peter Jackson felt the need to insert into The Desolation of Smaug:

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