For the Record

I just realized over the weekend, that readers and listeners of Swords and Space Radio might have noticed that one of the shows we share air time with on AMDG Radio is something called "The Beautiful Game". Talk about a misnomer if I ever heard/read one -- "The Beautiful Game" is about soccer!

I just don't want anyone associating Swords and Space with soccer. I mean, this is "the Beautiful Game" in action:

Whereas here is how men in a real sport settle their differences:

I write this a bit tongue-in-cheek. I'm not really that into sports anymore, and the spectacle in the Calgary-Vancouver game was just silly. But it's 100% true that I can't abide soccer for all the diving that goes on.

By the way, take note of the next Swords and Space episode coming up in a few weeks: Swords and Space XIX: The Matrix (film) and Dune (novel) 02/04 by The AMDG Radio Network |

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