Twilight Imperium After Action Report - Prologue

The board being set-up by my dad and me

I'm still working on the recap of our epic game of Twilight Imperium from 29 July. In the meantime, I'll give some shots of the setup (done the night before) and a rundown of the players and their races.

Nicholas Wansbutter - Barony of Letnev - the most geektastic member if our company alongside Stephen. I not only have episodes IV - VI of Star Wars memorized, I have by far the most war gaming experience. I knew I'd have a target painted on me, but also hoped to use my reputation to intimidate and keep at bay less experienced players while I try to neutralize Stephen with a blitzkrieg. The Barony of Letnev fit this plan and my usual aggressive play style well.

Richard Wansbutter  - Emirates of Hacan - retired executive -- now consultant -- in the agriculture industry, and also the man who got me started with science fiction, history, and board gaming. The Emirates of Hacan were a natural choice -- my dad basically is a Hacan based on their race sheet! He's a bit rusty in the war gaming department since I left home a decade ago, but he embodies his favourite motto: "age and deceit will always win out over youth and ability". Plus I was to share a border with him. Would blood prove thicker than water or would I have war on two fronts?

Greg Seguin - Federation of Sol - life insurance salesman and novice board gamer. I saw Greg as a bit if a wild card. He isn't even a geek like the rest of us (I believe he hasn't even seen Star Wars) but he's a good sport and manfully accepted my invite. He read lots of strategy guides before the game (unlike some more "seasoned" participants) so he was not to be underestimated. He'd also voiced the intention of being very aggressive with the humans.

Matthew Zepf - Universities of Jol-Nar - Editor-in-Chief  of Brav's Index, frequent guest on Swords and Space Radio and general sci fi aficionado but relatively inexperienced in war gaming. Or so he claims. He was vocal in his pre-game conviction that he'd be eliminated early. He chose the Hylar on my advice, the reasoning being that he had naught to fear from me in the early game and I'd keep Stephen busy giving him time to tech up, plus I'd read in the forums that they're considered a strong race.

Stephen Heiner - L1Z1X Mindnet - entrepreneur, journalist, playboy, globetrotter and a geek to rival my own nerdiness. A cunning warrior and a good friend. I knew that we must be cautious. He chose the L1Z1X at the last minute (he advised me by text while my dad and I were setting up) and I knew he was going to be ready militarily for me. But he was way late leaving Kansas and therefore didn't have a proper night sleep before the game and hasn't read much about Twilight Imperium until shortly before the game. Would it give me an edge?

Have to say that's a fine-looking group. Any of these handsome gentlemen would make a fine Emperor of the Galaxy. Stay tuned to see who ultimately came out on top!

Here is a shot of the board after set-up was complete, ready to go (click on the picture for an enlarged version). My position is at the bottom/centre of the picture, then going clockwise from there is my dad, Greg, Matthew, and Stephen.

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