Bits and Pieces 7

Started my first real vacation since last summer today. Got some chores done around the house and hoping to get back into the writing and revisions over the next two weeks. Being able to sit down and catch my breath has left a few things bouncing around my head.

1. Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been relentlessly hounded by the media since his election, owing to his conservative politics, or so I'm told by my friends who live in Toronto. A few months back the Toronto Star (better known as the "Red Star" because of its strong leftist writings) claimed that they'd received information about a video allegedly showing Mr. Ford smoking crack but have never produced it. The most they've been able to make stick to him are some phone videos from "Taste of the Danforth" where the mayors has apparently had a few drinks and is enjoying himself but is far from falling-down drunk. Funny how Bill Clinton can get fellatio while conducting business as the president and it's all good, but people are calling for Rob Ford's head over what, to me, is harmless enjoyment of a couple beverages. Here's the video:

2. I found a neat website the other day that gives a list -- depending on where you live -- of upcoming sighting opportunities of the International Space Station. This Thursday it will be passing over my location at 9pm so, since I'm on vacation, figure I'll let the children stay up a bit later and do some stargazing. Now that I live in the country the view is great. Here's the link: spotthestation.nasa.gov/sightings/ 

3.  I booked a couple of new Swords and Space episodes, too: Childhood's End, and Twilight Imperium.

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