New This Week

A busy week at Swords and Space this week:

  1. I've been trying something different with my writing. Instead of waiting for the ever elusive hour of time to write, I've decided to take what I get (which is usually 20-30 minutes) and write what I can. It makes for slow but steady progress. I've written more in the last week than the past several months this way so hopefully new fiction will soon be in the offing.
  2. Tonight I'm back on the air with a show on 1979's Alien. I'll be discussing the film with Matthew Zepf of Brav's Index and Jason Frazier from The Culture of Comics. Aside from discussing the aspects that make it classic sci-fi, we're going to delve a bit "deeper" by taking a look at Dr. E. Michael Jones' analysis in his book Monsters from the Id (a fascinating read):

    Swords and Space XI: Alien 06/18 by AMDG Radio | Blog Talk Radio
  3. Later this week, on Thursday, I'll be broadcasting again, this time doing the Warhammer 40,000 show that was scheduled a few weeks back, but had to be postponed due to family duties:

    Swords & Space XII: Warhammer 40,000 06/20 by AMDG Radio | Blog Talk Radio

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