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Okay, the updates have fallen by the wayside, as has much else on this blog. Hopefully that will improve but I promise nothing! Unfortunately we had to postpone the Warhammer 40,000 show that was scheduled last week on Swords and Space Radio, due to some stuff at home. Family always comes first. That said, I've still got some stuff going on:
  1. Went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness with the missus on opening night. Thanks to Empire Extra, we strolled in 5 minutes before the show and took our seats second from the top and in the centre. I thought the film was really well done, and liked it quite a bit more than Abrams' 2009 original. Purists might scoff at it, but I like the reboot. My wife, who was never a Trekkie, but did watch The Next Generation when she was young, loved the film so much that on the drive home she suggested we start buying the original series on iTunes and watch it along with the original films. Check out the trailer:

  2. As such, you know what the topic of the next episode of Swords and Space Radio is going to be! On Tuesday at 8pm Central/9 pm Eastern, we'll be setting the geek levels to maximum as I'll have my co-host Stephen on board along with two enthusiastic guests do discuss the film in detail. The first half of the show will contain no spoilers if you want to listen to decide whether you want to watch, and the second half will be a more detailed and spoiler-ridden autopsy of the film:

    Swords & Space X: Star Trek Into Darkness 05/21 by AMDG Radio | Blog Talk Radio
  3. All this Trekkiness has gotten me inspired about Rex Caelestis again so I've done a bunch of brainstorming this weekend. Aside from working on the man storyline anew, I'm going to pull down the first two parts of "The Sleepers" and rework that. Plus, since inspiration seems to beget inspiration, the ever-fickle Muse has returned to me as regards some other works, too.
  4. HAPPY VICTORIA DAY! Interestingly, a distinctly Canadian holiday, despite Queen Victoria having been the monarch who reigned over the British Empire at it's height when the sun never set upon it. The celebration actually predates the very existence of Canada by about 20 years, when enthusiatic and patriotic British North Americans fêted the 35th birthday of their queen. God save the Queen!

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