Interesting Tidbits from Chris Hadfield

Last week, Commander Chris Hadfield returned to Earth and, true to form, continues to Tweet and gave a press conference full of interesting information (especially for writers) about how it felt being back under gravity after 5 months weightless. Here are the highlights:
  • "Right after I landed, I could feel the weight of my lips and tongue and had to change how I was talking. I didn't realize I had learned to talk with a weightless tongue."
  • He "Tweeted": Return to Gravity, so many things. It is strange to talk and feel the weight of my lips and tongue! Dizzy too - would fail any sobriety test
  •  ''My neck is sore and my back is sore ... It feels like I played a hard game of rugby yesterday or played full-contact hockey yesterday and I haven't played in a while.''
  •  Since he hasn't walked in over five months, his feet have lost their callouses "so I was walking around like I was walking on hot coals ..."
  • Under his clothes, he had to wear a "G-suit", with inflated trousers that squeeze his legs to help sustain blood pressure in his upper body for several days. He "tweeted" that on Friday (17th) he didn't have the wear it anymore (he landed on the 13th).
  • He's been tottering around like an "old duffer", shuffling and with poor balance. As of 18 May he reports on Twitter that he doesn't "have full breath yet" but balance is better.

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