Restoration Radio: The Hobbit

Last night I got "back in the saddle", at least as far as Restoration Radio is concerned, with (finally) our show on The Hobbit, which had been rescheduled a couple of times. My guest was Matthew Zepf, editor-in-chief of Brav's Index, and the show can be downloaded for free here:

Swords and Space VI: The Hobbit 04/09 by True Restoration Media | Blog Talk Radio

Also worth noting is that Swords and Space Radio has been picked-up by the newly founded AMDG Radio, and starting with next week's show concerning Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Hobbit, that will be the place to go for all future shows. Below is the link for that show:

Swords and Space VII: The Hobbit Film 04/16 by AMDG Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Hope you'll join us!

I just want to mention briefly that the only reason for the move to AMDG radio is that I always envisioned Swords and Space as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy programme hosted by a Catholic, rather than a specifically Catholic Sci-Fi/Fantasy programme. Given the other content on  Restoration Radio, I thought this was an appropriate move.

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