Sanguinary Guard

Some Toy Soldiers on display this week for my artistic accomplishments of late. These chaps do likely represent something on the order of 40 hours of work so I suppose it's not an insignificant accomplishment, completed over the course of three months working a half-hour here and an hour there of an evening. As always, click on the picture for a larger image:

So what are "Sanguinary Guard"? Games Workshop, in its typical over-the-top style describes them as "the uttermost elite of the Blood Angels. They fight with wrist-mounted Angelus boltguns that leave both hands free for the wielding of crackling power glaives. The Sanguinary Guard are a brotherhood of mortals-become-gods and their deeds the stuff of legends." Their elite status is the reason for all the "bling" and why I love their look so much. The utter impracticality but aesthetic awesomeness makes them the epitome of a lot of what I love about Warhammer 40,000. Here are a few close-up shots:

The glowing blue weapons, "crackling power glaives" are weapons that can ignore all but the strongest armour making these guys a dedicated close-combat unit. Their fancy armour is also strong in its own rite, tough enough to withstand their own weapons (except the big fist directly above which makes mush of everything). The checkerboard shoulder pads are part of my army's unique heraldry since they're not actual Blood Angels but a successor chapter.

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Mom said...

Absolutely amazing, Nick. You must have the steadiest hands in the world.

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