Your Bi-Weekly Update #15

The theme of this winter -- illness -- has continued to keep me out of action. The last time I took a sick day (and that was only a half day) was in 2009. I'm NEVER sick, but this winter, starting in November, I've taken a real beating. Here's hoping that once the spring weather comes, health and reinvigoration regarding writing returns!

  1. Tomorrow evening, I'll be hosting Episode III of Swords and Space Radio along with my good friend Stephen Heiner and guest Brian Pauls to discuss possibly the best film of 2012, Dredd. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope you'll join us:

    Swords and Space Radio III: Dredd 02/26 | Blog Talk Radio
  2. Speaking of Swords and Space Radio, it's been very successful so far. Our Game of Thrones show already has more than 2000 downloads and the Canticle for Liebowitz show is just shy of 700. So definitely a lot better ratio of effort:results than blogging. As such, I'm afraid content may continue to slow here although I'd like to focus more on posting short stories and comics to the blog. Please note that I've added a list of Swords and Space Radio shows to the top of the right-hand sidebar.
  3. Haven't gotten any writing done, not even the "flash fiction" I was thinking of, but I did get a bit more work done on my Warhammer 40k stuff. Finished off my unit of first unit of Sanguinary Guard last night. I'll post a proper picture of the finished product this week (probably Friday).

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