Update # ???

It's been another few weeks without a lot posted here, but I'm finally getting healthy, I think. On the other hand, we're moving to a new home as I believe previously mentioned. With that said, here's your update:

1. Tomorrow evening, starting at 9pm Eastern time, will be the second show of Swords and Space Radio. the link is: Swords and Space Radio II: A Game of Thrones 01/29  | Blog Talk Radio

2. Speaking of S&S radio, as of writing this, the Canticle for Leibowtz show has 575 downloads. The average post to the blog gets about fifty reads, according to Blogger's stats tracker. So, considering about 10x more people listened to the inaugural episode, with the fact that it's actually less work and more fine to do a radio show ... I anticipate that posts to the blog will continue to decrease and more focus will be placed on the radio show. I'm still going to post fiction and pictures of my toy soldiers, though.

3. I'm going to try doing some "flash fiction" (1000 word or less short stories) to get some more fiction out there than I can share with my readers. Why not throw me a couple ideas or themes/settings that you'd like to see?

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