Post Mortem on Swords and Space Radio Episode I

Thank you to all readers who listened to our show last night, and thanks again to Marc Ratusz for joining me as guest. There were a few hiccups with out first show, but overall it went quite well.

Unfortunately my regular co-host, Stephen Heiner, had a flight change on his way back from Australia and was in an airplane at the time of broadcast. In addition to a malfunction with the music, I forgot to invite listeners to join us again in two weeks for the next episode: Swords and Space Radio II: A Game of Thrones 01/29 | Blog Talk Radio

Interesting coincidence: during the show, Marc mentioned Our Lady of Guadeloupe Monastery, a traditional Benedictine monastery near Silver City New Mexico. Well, looking at Google maps, and comparing it's location to the Abbey of St. Leibowitz's location according to the map at the front of Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman, they are very close.

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