Some Recent Painting

Too mentally exhausted in the evenings to do much writing, but as always, painting my toy soldiers proves relaxing and even cathartic, in a way. So here is what I accomplished this week, below. The model is of Nicodemus Doloroso, Grant Master of my new space marine army, the Angels Sorrowful:

Why does he have wings, you ask? And why the "Angels Sorrowful"? Well, without delving TOO deeply into Warhammer 40,000 lore, the Angels Sorrowful are successors of the "Blood Angels" whose progenitor was Sanguinius, a winged angel-like being who sacrificed his life in combat against the arch-traitor Horus who attempted to overthrow the Emperor of Man circa 30,000. Sanguinius' noble death was so violent at the hands of the satanic rebel, that it has sent psychic shockwaves through the millennia that impacts his descendents. Most of them manifest this by being bloodthirsty and angry, but another strain tends towards sorrow over their primarch's death. That's my guys. In very brief.

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carmeljamaica said...

Oooh! Neat! I love these. I love that men still collect toy soldiers, or cars.

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