Having Been Consumed by the Busy Monster ...

... not to mention sick as a dog all last week with a lung infection (possibly a touch of Bronchitis), there's an explanation for the recent dearth of posts. When you're self employed you only eat what you kill, so thresholds for taking sick days change, and most days I was too exhausted after work to do anything other than sleep once parental duties were accomplished.

As such, I managed to completely miss the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Swords and Space. I think the first year was modestly successful; I was able to keep up fairly regular posting at least until these past two weeks. Not as much comics and short fiction has gone up as I'd like but I am fairly well pleased with what did make it to the page. Some of the highlights (in my mind) of the past year include:

  • Lefebvrians, my first full-colour comic drawing.
  • Brightest Africa, my first foray into steampunk and an alternate history world I hope to return to.
  • Orwellian Affair, a four-part comic exploring the possible repercussions of my son's imagination in light of recent bizarre legal events locally.
  • All the Gods of the Gentiles, a short story about a young soldier sent as part of an escort for colonists to a world thought abandoned, only to discover that the original colonists are still present but behaving very strangely.
  • Felix Baumgartner's jump, the last comic to date, commemorating the only space first of significance that I can remember in my lifetime.
I think I had some good rants, too. Glad to see that my (entirely justified) evisceration of Prometheus, one of the worst films ever, has made it onto the sidebar as one of my most read posts. I hope my warnings about the Game of Thrones television series is taken under advisement, too. My thoughts on how CGI killed science fiction seem to be popular, as well.

Biggest failure of the year has been in the area of revisions to Call to Arms. There's been progress, but it should be done at this point, not still in progress.

To round-off these anniversary thoughts, I've renewed my oft-repeated (and often fallen away from) commitment to limit my time wasted on the internet by holding myself to checking email but thrice per day, and only doing other internet "stuff" (besides writing this blog) once per week. It's worked wonders in the past and I think will get my output of actual work (rather than rants and musings) closer to where I'd like it to be. Thanks for reading, and hope you stick around for many more years.

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