Bits and Pieces 6

Another week still struggling to fully shake-off the lung infection or whatever it was that I've had for most of the month of November. Still very busy at work as well, so just a few bits and pieces for today:

  1. Teachers in the province I live in are threatening to walk off the job to express their outrage over a two-year salary freeze. I guess averaging $80,000 and getting two months off in the summer isn't just remuneration for their efforts, in their view. They really ought to keep their mouths shut and count their blessings. No one else with their level of education gets that kind of money, and absolutely no one else gets TWO MONTHS OFF EVERY SUMMER. I'm inclined to think that the Ontario government should break the union if the teachers strike. I would close up my law practice and go into teaching if they waived the requirement for a B.Ed. and took on other well-educated people for the positions. They could even freeze my pay for 5 years (forget the two they are bellyaching about) because considering how every other Canadian's salary is frozen in the 1980s that will still be good money.
  2. Didn't mention this here (but did on Facebook); last week I bought advance tickets for my wife and I to go see The Hobbit on opening night. First time ever going to a film on opening night. This was thanks to grandparents being in town and available to baby-sit.
  3. Speaking of films, Dredd has received quite positive reviews. Now I wish I'd made the effort to go see it in the cinema, but it's top of my list for iTunes rentals in January. On the other hand, I've received reports that the Total Recall remake which I said back in March looked surprisingly decent (based on the trailer), wasn't.
  4. I really need a good book to read. I've been reading a fair bit of non-fiction and a few Henty books, but need something more fantastic or science fiction-ish. Please give me some suggestions in the comments box.

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Sophia's Favorite said...

Seriously, $80,000 a year (Canadian, I assume, but that's $80,572 USD, they're really close just now)? Maybe they'd like to come to Arizona and make $60,000 after 30 years, like my father does. My dad's been head of our local teachers' union more times than I can count, and our district has had a raise-freeze for the last four years. His response to the raise-freeze, when he was head of the union? "Yeah, they kinda have to, with the economy and declining enrollment, there's no money to give us raises." It's called being a grownup.

RE: fiction suggestions, you might try C. J. Cherryh's science fiction, like the Chanur series (Pride of Chanur, Chanur's Venture, the Kif Strike Back, Chanur's Homecoming). Her First Contact/Foreigner series is pretty good, too, though I've only read the first one of those.

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