Your Bi-Weekly Update #13

Actually posting this two weeks after the last update, so I'm reverting back to the original nomenclature since this actually is bi-weekly this time. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of progress to report; I spent most of my free time the last two weeks reading to prepare for the latest episode of Restoration Radio (which was purely Churchey stuff this time, being about the Second Vatican Council). BUT ...

1. Didn't do a ton of writing, but did get a solid 500-word effort done last night on an as-yet untitled work featuring a troubled young space miner addicted to a pleasure robot that gets thrown into a political upheaval in his colony. It's one of two stories I am manfully struggling to get done before the month's end. The other is a collision of sci-fi and fantasy featuring the trials of a group of astronauts who return to their homeworld 10,000 years after departure finding a completely changed place, complete with a dragon that interrupts their landing causing them to crash-land.

2. On the other hand, I haven't even touched anything Warhammer-related over the last two weeks. But, my "reward" for finishing-off the stories in item #1 will be a new purchase or two and investing my free time in building and painting.

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