Semi-regular Update #12

Another secular "holy day" (well, a Protestant one, I guess) here in Canada today, being Canadian Thanksgiving, so I'm at work getting caught-up. But since it's dead here but for me, I'm able to get a lot done and still have time for a little update.

No point in calling these things "bi-weekly" any more, since the so infrequently are. But at least things are starting to settle down sufficiently that I can write something -- although circumstances conspired against me last night such that I didn't get my planned writing done. I'd say tonight would be the night but I must get back to my exercise routine since I find letting my body fall apart makes things way worse.

  1. As you'd guess from my post a few days ago, I've been rather fried when I've actually had some free time, so I haven't done much writing at all. I've done a fair bit of reading, though, and this has given me inspiration for carrying-forward on several projects. Of special inspirational value was The Chessmen of Mars, the best of the Burroughs' Mars books after A Princess of Mars, in my view.

  2. If not reading, I resort to painting my Warhammer 40K stuff since it makes for a great relaxing hobby. I can just "zone out" and paint. Since I last posted some pics about a month ago, I've put some paint on the tanks, though they still need the stowage and crew painted, as well as battle damage plus dirt/mud/dust:

    Next up, some more Inquisitorial Storm troopers:

    And finally some conversion work, giving more of my rough riders melta guns (a sort of short-range anti-tank weapon) in place of their explosive-tipped hunting lances:

    Not a whole heck of a lot for a month's worth of work, but I must remind myself that it is proper that I spend most of my time at work and my family. So I guess in the context of a wife and four children, this is actually pretty decent progress.

  3.  Finally got to see Iron Sky. It was pretty solidly mediocre and a bit of a letdown. Full review to follow this weekend, hopefully.

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