Awesomesauce: adjective 1.Something or someone truly amazing. Usually: more awesome than the word "awesome" can describe.

A good friend of mine who also sports a handlebar moustache (well, actually, I'm clean-shaven at the moment but this is really inspiring me to re-grow it) and in other respects shares my impeccable taste in clothing, tobacco, etc. sent me the following video. It is so mind-blowingly excellent that it must speak for itself:

Apparently this chap does this for a living, going by the stage name "Mr. B. the Gentleman Rhymer". It's almost enough to convince me to attend a concert. My faith in humanity has been buoyed in any event. His website: http://gentlemanrhymer.com/

Now if only I had $10,000 in disposable money, I could upgrade my wardrobe to meet this man's standards which are, as he rightfully admits in the video without false modesty, "entirely beyond reproach". But a father of four must make do with what he can find off the rack (I assume this gent had all his clothes custom tailored)

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