Your Bi-Weekly Update #11

Secular "holy" day here in Canada (and the U.S.) today. Planned on going to the office just on principle, but my brother-in-law who I haven't seen in four years is passing through today so, I'm not at work, but only have time for a brief update. As I write these things, it always seems that two weeks has passed in the blink of an eye and I haven't accoplished much since the last one (a constantly humbling experience).

1. Got a couple of the thanks from last week's painting/modelling blog post primed. I was going to do the first base paint (dark grey) but decided I should do some writing instead ...

2. Through force of will I got a solid 600 or so words done on a new short story. I tend to slow myself down by overthinking things and second-guessing what I'm writing. But I am trying to just trust my inspiration and write what the Muse is giving me on the first draft, and hope that in the revision process any errant themes can be picked out. I learned while writing Call to Arms that writing is more about momentum/inertia than anything else so that's why I opted to force myself to write last night.

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